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How we do it

Actionable tools and
hands-on advice

Managers often feel they have to choose between business performance and organizational health. 

That’s why we help them leverage both at the same time.

Based on merely 22 questions

It sounds simple, but it really helps to dig into the essence. Giving insights in all four of a leader’s and team’s responsibilities: critical tasks, motivation, growth and contribution.

Efficient operations

Who needs help, where and when?

By asking just those 3 crucial questions, leaders and teams get a daily or weekly reality check on the ability to execute and plan their critical tasks. So they know what their stand-ups really should be about.

Healthy team climate

How motivated is everyone to come to work every day?

A two-way check on a regular basis with 10 questions to gather crucial insights on motivation aspects. Initiating ideas, suggestions, action plans … from both leader and team on how to improve.

Strong leadership

Do leaders and teams have the opportunity to grow in their role?

A regular two-way check with again merely 10 questions go out to the team and their leader. So that leaders get a clear picture about how to grow as a leader and realize the full potential of their team.

High-performing teams

How are we contributing to the success of our organization?

Ensuring that teams are aligned with their organization’s strategy and ambitions and correlating their business performance and organizational health.

'I do - we do - you do'
to structurally improve your organization, leaders & teams

We don’t just stop at the insights. We combine it with hands-on tools and actionable advice.
Given by experienced business wizards. Tailored to your organization’s current most urgent needs.

First, we set the baseline

Based on just 22 questions we capture the real as-is situation with the Fun to work with platform as the engine.

  • Are we able to execute our critical tasks?
  • Are we motivated to come to work everyday?
  • Are we able to grow in our role?
  • Are we contributing to results and success?

Then integrate the Reality check in daily team dynamics

Together with your leaders we implement little habits to quickly identify and discuss issues and organize help when needed.

To offer actionable insights and advice

We turn every answer into data driven reports & insights. We tailor our expert advice and focus on the improvement potential with the biggest leverage.

And implement improvement actions

We partner up with your leaders to realize improvement actions by combining your organization’s best practices and our expertise.

So to embed constant feedback loops

We make sure you can keep tracking evolution. By really anchoring the measurements into the teams’ regular routines and by correlating these to the overall organization’s goals.

Reinforcing existing performance, leadership & engagement models

Already using a performance, leadership or engagement model?

Well, good news! We made sure any model can be upgraded with the Fun to work with Toolkit. Making it now more actionable than ever!

Curious what the result could be?
We will be happy to tell you all about it.

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